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Mayastar Solstice 2013 Blog

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Those not on the mailing list for Mayastar and Maya Magickal but would like to celebrate the seasonal festivities with me, email

The Solstice offers are centred on packages and spell intensives to assist and support you in any resolutions and new beginnings. Whether you are starting a new job, refreshing an existing one, starting a new creative project, making a decision to move on and heal after a challenging year, beginning a self development journey, working to enhance your intuition and psychic skills...or want an intensive karmic cleansing and auric rebalancing as you continue your path to self realisation, ascension and wholeness, there are fantastic opportunities available to you for a limited time!  50% discounts and exclusive packages for attunement courses.

I look forward to welcoming new students and clients and supporting them in manifesting their goals. And always happy to be working with existing friends of Mayastar as they move towards their ambitions and find success and empowerment in oir work together.

Mayastar is committed to providing comprehensive,  internationally accredited distance learning attunement based energy healing and spiritual development courses;  currently teaching over 200 modalities.  From Angels, Crystals,  Lemuria,  Pleiadian,  DNA Activation,  Kundalini Awakening,  Reiki, Shamanism, Celtic Deities,  Planetary Energies,  Goddess, Abundance,  Protection, Clairvoyance,  Animal Healing, Fairy & Elemental Frequencies...and many more!

Our philosophy is to provide holistic tuition and support by providing individual attention and advice to each student. And providing exclusive eBooks by Rev. Anna Louise May ( Maya ) that cover energy anatomy,  metaphysics,  meditation,  mantra and continue to inspire students to a learning experience that far exceeds the remit of any course.

From a simple course through diploma levels right up to degrees & a Mayastar Doctorate, my tuition is accredited by the International Natural Healers Association and the World Metaphysical Association. And study plans are tailored to the student's requirements and I ensure the work is modulated in an manageable way whatever your experience or training beforehand.  I have also introduced flat fee packages for degrees and discounts for personalised course packages! So much to much potential...Mayastar could be the start of a brand new and elevated experience of life for you as it has been for many thousands over the past nine years.

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In addition,  I provide individually crafted and cast spells as well as powerful tantric shamanic rituals in my capacity as an initiated Witch Queen; devoted High Priestess & Seidkona of the Northern Shamanic Tradition and Rune Mage.

The potency of spells crafted by an adept with 24 years of study, practice and experience is an essential part of what sets my work apart. It is inimitable and unique and worked by a skilled professional. Information about the services available and the world of possibilites open to clients working with me can be found at

I would like to ask, in this season of giving,  for your kind acknowledgement of this valuable work...whether you are a  Lightworker, devotee, client, student or advocate of my work and philosophy,  please share this message, reblog, tweet...and tell a friend about Mayastar!  You may just make their year!

Blessings and namaste!

Photograph features the sign of the communal Gateway of Dreams Meditation Swing in the Lux Aeterna grounds...where I do some of my best work! Elaborately painted sign by Wolf. (FB) (FB)
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