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Why Gatsby Always Succeeds…& How You Can Ensure YOU Define Your Life (Before it Defines You)

Enjoying happiness, fulfillment  & success in all areas? No exceptions. Achieving your dreams & manifesting your goals every time without comprise?

It’s a tall order and I am inspired anew so regularly that I think I may write this blog in a number of parts. It’s a huge subject and considering different elements of the overall philosophy can hugely benefit people in living a meaningful life. Staying inspired is a big part of ultimate success.

As a witch and energy healing teacher I am often asked about subjects that boil down to be being related to what I am going to blog about! And I think it’s important to emphasise that to practice magick (real magick) and spellcrafting requires a commitment and dedication to the study and understanding of subjective, objective, internal and external factors involved in any one’s situation. Without that preliminary work, you couldn’t go on create spells at all let alone ones that work.

An analogy might be – you want to knit a jumper. You know you need wool, needles and a pattern. You get these. A jumper doesn’t manifest itself. You don’t know how to knit or read the pattern. You are looking at the result as if the ingredients are magickal in and of themselves. Many people aspire to spiritual gifts but not everyone will be cut out for the one they think they want to choose. But if you are sure of your “destination”, the fact a jumper didn’t magickally create itself spurs you to learn. To study. To get yourself into a position where the yarn, needles and pattern are useful to you.

Many people gather the ingredients…see this jumper doesn’t make itself. I have failed. The system has failed. It won’t work. I give up.

Well, if you choose to see challenges as failures you are doomed to create that reality for yourself. If you say you have failed and give up I am sure you will manage to fail. It’s what you chose!

If instead of this you look at the bigger picture…imagine yourself making or wearing the jumper…imagine yourself knitting as you watch TV in the evening and these are things you want, your attitude is liable to be very different. You see you have the ingredients! Excellent. Now you only need the knowhow and skill. So you take a class, practice, make some scarves and blankets and learn different stitches so you have experience and skill to go with your intention and goal.

It may take time. Maybe years. It will require dedication and practice and time to prepare for it, begin it and complete it. But if you choose that destination, you WILL undoubtedly realise it. 

You may use other techniques to support your efforts. Visualisation. Affirmations about yourself. Or magick to resolve your habit of negativity and self sabotage that’s been hindering you in the past. 

But even through learning these new supportive techniques you will be acquiring tools and a state of mind that is resilient and increases your possibilities of success in numerous areas. It’s amazing what a difference to the realisation of your intentions such steps create.

And in this Gatsby is a most compelling and inspirational character. He understands the work he needs to do to achieve his goal and sets about it immediately. He lets go of his past or any resistance caused by it in one moment. He becomes unshakeable in his destiny and devotes himself to creating a situation in which he can realise it.

This means he isn’t just Gatsby but truly the Great Gatsby at that point.

You may think the story is a cautionary tale of a narcissist who is so self centred he creates his own world in which he can be who he thinks he should be. Except his motivation for this is love. And all the external superficial storytelling and “self promotion” doesn’t corrupt him. He isn’t swayed by the fact he can have what anything he wants because his focus remains always on fulfilling his destiny.

A lesser person would lose that. A lesser person would give up. A lesser person would become corrupted and allow the world to define them and thereby lose their integrity.

Gatsby is wrong when he believes he can turn back time if you take it literally but he is absolutely right if you consider he believes he can change what happens by choosing the course his life will take than if he hadn’t made that choice and given it his all.

The film (The Great Gatsby) is so inspiring to me that I listen to soundtrack sometimes to remind me of the concept. And of pictures Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby saying “of course you can” whenever his power to achieve his goals is questions.

I highly recommend the film! And the book. But even if you’re not into that, I recommend the sentiment…

…define your life…and it will never define you. You cannot lose. You cannot be a victim. You cannot fail.

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