Saturday, 10 August 2013

Warm Fuzzies | reviews from people who know magick, about my magick!

WARM FUZZIES...describing me to someone else a professional shaman friend (and sometime colleague) of mine said...

"She is a very close & dear friend of mine, & one of the most powerful Wiccans on this planet. Get to know her well!" <3

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Green Fairy Shoot en Pointe

Photoshoot | #Fairy theme | Model: Anna Louise May | Photographer: Maniac | | | @annalouisemay | #corsettraining #coutil #cosplay #corsets #cosplay #victorian #vampire #preraphaelite #tinywaist #steelboned #steampunk #lolita #harajuku #OOTD #gothic #silk #dupion #corset #burlesque #redhair #redhead #henna #waisttraining #ballet #balletshoes #pointe #pointes #pointeshoes #enpointe

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Salt for Health in the Summer

My top tip for surviving the heatwave...especially if you exercise. I do aerobics and dance (about nine hours of intensive work and maybe 12 hours of moderate work each week).

In the summer I can get through a couple of litres of water and still come home two lbs lighter from water loss from one three hour lesson. This isn't so bad most of the year but in humid or hot weather I can dehydrate fast. If you sweat all the salt out of your body and load up on water it can make you ill. It affects your electrolytes so it is risky for your heart. And also, once the salt balance is lost heat exhaustion can follow...if that becomes chronic heatstroke is a risk and can be fatal.

So how to avoid this? I drink rehydration drinks before, during and after exercise. Those are the isotonic kind (if you can find one without artificial sweetners) or the kind you get from a pharmacy.

In addition, in hot weather, I go off my food and I know a lot of other people have that issue too. If I want to miss meals due to the heat, I drink #honey and pure lemon juice drinks...and add a pinch of rock salt or sea salt to each one. It sounds weird but you can't taste the salt and it seems to work well.

If you do begin to dehydrate, thirst is the last sign of this. Before this you will have lower energy (you may not notice if you are not trying to do a dance class...but performance is quickly impacted)...also you may feel a little light headed, sick or faint (if you haven't eaten you may think this is low blood sugar as it feels the same, but it could be lack of salt). You may have trouble concentrating too. Headaches are common. But if at any time you stop sweating and feel cold, you are overheated in the core. This is where it can get dangerous if you don't take action. Have a cool drink, and sit in front of a fan spritzing yourself with water and drink a rehydration this until you start sweating again. X

Do be aware, not all salts are created equal. If you want to supplement with a few pinches, get sea salt or rock salt...not the cheap kind with all the trace elements removed (because you need those too). And rehydration drinks have all the salts you need so they are great!

Stay safe...stay healthy xxx