Friday, 29 November 2013


I seem to have a problem with IFTTT duplicating posts. I have bad so many problems with it I may switch to manual! X ALM

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

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Post epic henna treatment...using sun in to keep the redder tones and increase the colour uptake definitely works. I was worried it may dry my hair...but so far I would have to say it hasn't. I use coconut and neem oil in my henna mix and I guess it is possible the mild peroxide actually allows the oil to penetrate deeper too?? I will continue this mix and monitor breakage and condition and look for split ends.

Last trimmed in April, about 3.5-4" are new hair...the rest of the length had been peroxide blonde before I last trimmed it. I think the henna has really 'repaired' the damage. We will see. Usually I would have trimmed it by now. I rarely let it grow longer than the length to keep it in a high ponytail for dance. I think in six month's time I will be able to tell whether this routine will work long term <3

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Omg. Left my henna on for a record breaking 10 hours (I usually do 6-8). So now am a bit late for bath and bit late to bed. Reading Pre-Raphaelite poetry in the bath to chill out and wondering what colour my hair will be when it’s dry…and just how curly it will be since I will be going to bed with it wet. Tonight is another chilling night with only a little work. I would plan an OOTD but need a summit with my dad about the new studio plans and to catch up…and poss take my guitar as I found a song I want to learn…really simple chords and really singable…and if dad’s not busy I think we may record it. Actually that is ambitious. I haven’t played for weeks and my fingers are soft so it may take more work. Oh yes…when the studio is ready it will also be set up for easy OOTD shoots and with my mic and amp :D Happy days in boho heaven xxx

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General Blog Update | Henna, Lush, Subculture Fashion, Corset & Ballet Love

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Yikes! Roots showing. I don't notice my hair growing but I use 150g henna powder in my mix now and that was only just enough.

So...tonight I had a night off after an early attunement sending and have a ritual later (a quiet one for me!). I decided to henna my hair. Tonight a nice, neem, coconut oil, henna and hot water. And plenty of Veganese from Lush to wash it out later. More Veganese and Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioners coming from Lush...and some Be Never shower gel. I used to use it and it makes a good shampoo. Strangely, without any silicone build up on my hair, I find the sulphate free shampoos...weird. They don't spread and they make my hair feel dry. Lush conditioners seem quite light but with my oil treatments and henna my hair is in amazing condition. Untangled. Wavy where it used to get frizzy. V shiny too.

This week has been monumental. I left the teacher I have had for #ballet for the last 8 years and moved to a studio nearer home. They have many classes for adults. So I have changed my regular schedule a little but it seems to leave me more free time at the times I need it for temple work for Mayastar & Maya Magickal ( and

So first week completed...including studio time for my 'own thing' I have done five hours of ballet and pointe, two hours of stretching, an hour of zumba, an hour of martial fitness (bootcamp cardio...a bit like circuit training...v intensive and v fun!), and also a Tribal Belly Dance class. I have done some bellydancing before with a friend as it is something we used as part as Women's Mysteries Ritual work. So I thoroughly loved it!

Once the studio is built at home I will add to my dance training a bit. I would expect to add two more hours of ballet and another hour of stretching/yoga. But depending on the Danceworld Studios timetable I hope to add another hour or two belly dancing and another hour of martial fitness. That sounds a lot but it will mean the busiest ritual days can always be kept clear. I may change the day I do the main admin (accounts, student record updates and certificates) to a different day until the new studio is sorted. But in general the week went well.

Bootcamp may be the hardest workout I have ever done. Zumba was amazing fun. A fast moving class but lots of laughter. And Tribal Belly Dance was gorgeousness! Something I would like to do more of in time too. And adding time for intensive and yogic stretches has really helped in recovery times. The thing is, without the travel (Danceworld Studios are five mins walk away) adding an hour to my workout schedule has still saved me time over all!

Also my corset training (remember I switched to long hours of moderate lacing) mean I lace to 22" (let out after eating). I had intended to lace down to 20" but I will see how it goes as I prefer a lacing gap to a closed corset. But we'll see :)

So tonight going to be chilling out with Wolf while my hair gets beautiful...maybe watch some American Horror Story after my templework. And a long bubble bath and a massage before bed.

Happy days at Mayastar <3
ALM xx