Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Something weird about Tumblr...

For a while I used IFTTT so when I posted on one site it came up on others. But I stopped because it had glitches and kept posting the same thing over and over. So now I start at Instagram and select the option for it to come up on Tumblr; then use IFTTT to copy pictures to Flickr and blogs to blogger. Facebook is a law unto itself and I wasn’t sure if pic posts came up on Twitter so I do those separately. But look at the tags…I admit I have tags and linked saved to copy and paste on posts so sometimes I put up bad tags…but looking back over the past posts I did last night Tumblr has decided it csv tags for me and they are not ones from my post. They are also different on different posts…where does it get them from? Weirdness. One day I will get used to this social networking stuff…but for now it boggles my mind :)

via Tumblr