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Anonymous - Follow Your Heart on YouTube

Gorgeous & #inspirational msg from #Anonymous | Don't waste your life doing stuff you don't like so you can have more money to do stuff you don't really like! | Many of my students learn energy work as part of their own personal spiritual journey...but later go on to share that with others by providing healing treatments (maybe to family or friends - but sometimes in a professional capacity) and although for many it is only an aspect of their development - sometimes the development, I feel really lucky to be working with people who are looking for an 'alternative' or already pursuing that alternative.

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(ALM) Maya

Best Transformation Vlog | Veganism & Cancer

Love this ♡ Joe @BestTransformation​ re #cancer and #veganism. I would have to agree with his summary...meat def has been shown to increase the risk of a range of cancers. Dairy cows (until recently...I think this has been stopped) were dosed with a drug that increased #lactation and was #carcinogenic. In a sick twist, the increased risk of #breastcancer wasn't a problem to the people who made that drug for the cows because they also made the drugs for human breast cancers!

I personally don't consider myself #vegan. Though I am allergic to dairy (weirdly it causes a rash rather than any gastrointestinal problems so I didn't realise what it was for a loooong time), so I avoid it. I never really liked meat. So I avoid that...I could go months or years without eating it and not notice!  So my diet is 'primarily' vegan. #plantbasedvegan in fact! And if the fact I don't actually buy meat because I don't like it and prefer other foods isn't enough, I have a moral issue with the #crueltytoanimals that have been raised as food. I object to the language too - that they can "grow a chicken in 28 days" and stuff.

Modern farming highlights the true cost of the current rampant social #narcissism and #consumerism. IMO anyway.

We have charities against cruelty to pets...but people have a difficulty seeing the meat they eat as once being a living or sentient lifeform.

Too many "food products" and not enough real food and within decades we treat animals as commodities.  I don't think that's a good thing.

In my course manuals I mention a #karmically sound diet...this may mean different things to different people. But if you have a conscience and you learn the facts about how animals for consumption are treated and you consider it immoral and unnecessary,  then on some level, whenever you eat meat your conscience will ask you...where did it live? How did it live? How did it die? Did the money you paid for it support a karmically sound practice or fund some kind of animal abuse?

I may sound like I am preaching a bit. I'm really not. I am not millitant about what I think others should do or think...I only would say, ignorance isn't's just ignorance! I do think it's important people question what their money is supporting because money can be considered a symbol of one's energy.

If people bought my courses (for example) and I was using that money to support a meth habit (extreme example!) rather than to pay my bills and maintain my health and studies so that I am always doing the best job possible (while making my decisions about lifestyle in as 'karmically sound' way as I can).

But for those who don't consider lifestyle a moral issue at all...the question of health is relevant to everyone.

Xx Maya

Friday, 28 August 2015

Toradora AMV

Loving #Toradora AMVs!

Just Give Me A Reason (#Pink)

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit's enough
Just a second we're not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again
It's in the stars
It's been written in the scars on our hearts
We're not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Spiritual Side of Addiction

Interesting #channelingerik interview about the energetic and potentially karmic aspects of #addiction. I have always personally considered reframing your perspective of your addiction to be important - no one becomes an addict if they didn't start by getting something from it at first. Whether it was grounding, social acceptance or freedom from some sort of pain. That doesn't mean it was necessarily a good idea at any point though. Regardless of whether the problem originated on an energetic level before incarnation of developed during this one, as soon as your behaviour adapts to accommodate the addiction, it's taken the driving seat and in reframing, I would advise any addict to consider the 'cost' to them. Their health, finances, self esteem and freedom.

There's no such thing as a free lunch - but often people forget the costs and sacrifices they are making. If compromise has become part of your life your freedom is being erroded somehow and the best choices you can make are those that don't involve compromise!

In every moment, consider your true goal. Your destination is your destiny. But if you are committed to it, keep your eyes on the road ahead and make the decisions that bring you closer. Avoid those that will hinder you. Be around people that support your goals. Avoid those that don't.

It sounds simple but it isn't always easy to know the right thing to do. Sometimes life can become difficult and we lose perspective entirely. But I am a big advocate of talking therapy in such situations. Counselling, psychotherapy etc. I particularly advocate #journalling as a means to retain perspective and increase self awareness.

Learning #Reiki or a system of #meditation such as the Avalonian Trilogy or #Kundalini Reiki are also great ways to empower yourself.

And metaphysical solutions such as 'Karmic Reversal' can also be a great help. More so when you support them with positive action and conscious alignment with your true destiny xxx

Always thought provoking. Xx

With blessings x Maya

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

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18th August General Blog | Personal upd8s, Chemo, Reiki, Meditation, Love, Spirituality & Metaphysical Solutions for Psychic Attack

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18th August 2015 - Happy days friends! Have had a lovely day to day.  Dad's recovering well after the chemo.  It's kind of odd because the chemo has knackered him but some of his brain tumour symptoms (numbness on his left hand especially), seemed worse. But the numbness in his face is reduced.  When they did the radiotherapy and chemo intensive, they obviously did some tests on the tumour type to see if it will respond to the treatment and I've been giving him energy healing - part of my Soul Midwifery duty - which is an absolute honour...challenging for sure, but any way we get to express our love for those we love in this life is something to be treasured...for sure, I think my hippieness is rubbing off on everyone right now.  Even Spider seems supremely snuggly and mellow...but that might just be because I'm so fluffy and cute! (No disputing that eh?!).

Anyway, they said the intensive therapy might make all the symptoms worse and knackered him out badly at first and we'd have to wait to see how it settled in the weeks after it.  Some people in his position at his age and with his type of cancer and its location, wouldn't be able to complete a course of chemo - they might not even be able to begin a course if they were not in good health in all other ways. At first, throughout the chemo and radiotherapy daily thing, he was fine - his symptoms reduced massively and his energy was fine.  He's been making stuff out of wood (he's always making stuff!) - doing my garden and growing veggies and stuff.  Towards the end he was getting tired but in that kind of achy way you have if you've got a bad cold, except without the cold!  Now it's over a week since the chemo/radiotherapy intensive finished and the numbness did start getting worse again so they increased his steroids to try to reduce swelling around the tumour (caused by the radiotherapy); unfortunately that messed with his sleep and he felt much worse for a few days.  To the point he even wondered if he'd recover or whether he was on the home straight.  We all discuss these things openly though and I think that really helps everyone - it's where my autism comes in extremely handy because I can facilitate a practical discussion about things that other families might find more difficult. 

I can be 'involved' but at the same time my brain can take a very objective view and that can be helpful for keeping perspective and making sure everyone's on the same page.

I have to say, as my life goes on, I find my Aspergers to be more and more of an asset! I know there are people that think it's just a 'genius gene' thing or that it's a sign of an 'old soul' incarnated - or even a higher being incarnating for a purpose.  I don't know - I know it makes me different to other people in some ways.  But the blessings that come with it far outweigh any challenges!  So I'm thanking my lucky stars all the time for my uniqueness; and really appreciating the uniqueness of everyone else.  It's like - everyone's one six billion, and it's an amazing thing that we can all be so unique and yet, have so much in common and so much to share.  It really is a beautiful thing.  So...remember...


My personal spiritual view means I view each individual as an expression of a single Source that many would call 'God'.  And no matter how flawed or imperfect, there is a connection between us all because of our common Source; and that Source is perfect; on some level we all are already perfect - and we spend our lives kind of working out ways to 'cut the crap' so we can express that perfection within us a bit more and in all kinds of ways.

Anyway...back on topic - as I said in yesterday's blog, it will be a while before we know how well the chemo and radiotherapy worked but because the steroids messed up his sleep dad's felt worse for a few days.  But he got a really good night's sleep yesterday and today spent the day with my sister. Then I went round and we jammed for a while and had a laugh.  Then my honey got back from work and joined us.  I know it's probably 'eek' to some, but I'm sooooo loved up I can't help singing his praises every chance I get! He's absolutely the kindest person I've ever met.  He's honest and straightforward...and as my
sister pointed out...the first long term relationship I've had where my partner was as independent, dependable, straight talking and hard working as I am.  She's right.  He really is good for me!   If I ever sat and wrote a list about my requirements for a man, Elvis/Spider wouldn't have matched the list.  But he makes me happy and he's my equal in ways that my partners before never have been.

I will be writing a further blog about that actually - the blog earlier this month about Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder - I read back over it and realised that I'd not explained very well the gist of it, the red flags, what you can do about it and what you can't do about it.  Also, I have to admit that when I posted it, my comments related solely to my recent ex - but he's not the first ex I have had that would tick so many of the boxes and some of the similarities between past partners really show up.  But mostly, I want to write an article about abuse and abusers.  A Covert Narcissist can manipulate a person in ways they don't identify as abuse at all - and only looking back do you see there was any kind of systematic attempt to control or manipulate.  And there are many forms of abuse but the effects are devastating.  Again, I can thank my autism for allowing me to experience the 'recovery' (for wont of a better word), subjectively but also to intellectualise it and to draw a line under it in a way that might be harder for others.  But it's something I have studied and something that interests me.  I have first hand experience too.  And I'm happy to share what I've learned through personal experience, study and professionally.  Not just because I think the information can help others who may be experiencing problems or trying to process the fall out of problems in the past, but because of the nature of my work, I consider the energetic/karmic component to such situations.

In magick we consider any act of will, an act of magick.  So if someone intentionally punches you in the face to hurt you, they have done the same thing as someone who plants a hex bag on your car and hopes you'll run into trouble.  The intention is what makes these things the same.  And that's why when it comes to resolving things, as a witch and holistic teacher, I would consider that someone suffering after the trauma of an abusive relationship (whatever kind of abuse it was), if possible should seek help with the symptoms of the anxiety or depression from a medical professional - even if it's to find a good counsellor and you're averse to trying any medications even for a limited time.  But also, I'd recommend they learn and practice energy healing and meditation (Kundalini Reiki, Avalonian Alignment - particularly good for this); and if they felt it would help and would be appropriate for them, there are magickal options that I provide that can assist to resolve karmic imbalance, help you ground and protect yourself and reverse negative energies.  And all of these things combine to work on your situation in different ways; you're getting support and reassurance from different areas as well as empowering yourself with new skills and information.  I think that's important.

Anyway...I seem to be whittering on!  I was just a bit disappointed when I re-read the earlier blog I wrote about CNPD because it didn't really give the information I had intended it to.  So I may give that an edit when I get down to writing an article.

In the meantime - there are some great vlogs on youtube explaining the different kinds of antisocial behavioural issues people have and how to deal with them - what to do in practical terms if you find yourself a victim of them.  And for those interested in learning meditation and self healing techniques you can find information on - and for magickal options XX

Better get on.  I've extended the 24 Gift Offer for the Magickal Shaman Lightworker course due to the popularity!  It's a wonderful system and I highly recommend it.  If you're interested you can find the Gift Offer information at 

So...there's my work finished for the night! A little temple work to complete in the morning but I'm going to chill out, have some lemonade (on the master cleanser!), and then wake up my honey as he's got an early start this morning.

Happy days and love to all XXXX Kisses XXXX And thanks to those who have continued to follow my blog and social media through last year.  It was kind of a 'fallow period' for me and I spent a lot more time meditating and in prayer than fact, I would say for about six months I was actually very introverted.  I tend to be quite an introvert but not for extended periods...but I guess there was a lot going on in my personal life and it was a transitional period and I seemed to do an awful lot of reading too.  I'm sure it will all be useful for my work over the coming years.  There's never been a time I haven't loved the work I do through Mayastar and Maya Magickal - if anything, over time I've grown to understand it and love it in more ways.  And of course, my students and clients are always the most fabulous people because they are people that are taking charge of their lives...making changes...empowering themselves energetically and through study.  Really wonderful <3  Deep gratitude to everyone who has been a part of friends, family, students and's always appreciated and I think everyone shares in 'good' in different ways XXXX  Happy happy happy happy days! X

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Monday, 17 August 2015

General Update | Maya, Mayastar, Elvis, Boyfriend, Chemo, Cancer

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17th August 2015 - I've been awful at updating my sorry to those who follow it!  Most updates get posted on the FB before anything else so if you're not already subscribed, please follow on

I've had tons of enquiries lately for magickal resolution of problems with psychic attack, suspected psychic attack - or any situation where you have been involved in an abusive relationship or have experienced a period of low energy, or negative thinking that you consider has become something like a vicious cycle.

Magickally speaking, these situations are identical; the source of the 'attack' or the identity of the 'attacker' doesn't need to be known or defined in order to resolve the problem using magick.  If the problem is long standing or something you feel has become complex in that one problem has drawn new problems to you and this has continued over a period until the situations such a 'mess' that you can't really work out what started it in the first place!  Well, often what starts the situation

in the first place might be resolved, but negative effect of it may not have been cleared with the resolution of the original problem simply because the situation became too complex.

I receive many emails from people about this and it's clear they want to do something to turn it around but feel they need to justify their position - or explain how it happened.  I would like to reassure you, you don't need to justify yourself and you don't need to work out how the situation came about.  Magickally, what I do best is solve problems by reweaving the karmic bonds as they currently stand.  If the client wants to analyse the situation independently for any personal reason, that's fine and that's up to them and something they may feel useful to them.  But it's not something that's necessary for me to do in order to solve the problem quickly and effectively.

There are many solution options and they are always tailored to the individual so if you have any questions or are considering whether magick might assist you in the situation you're experiencing, please email me I'd be happy to advise.  You can also find out more information about magickal options, how magick works and my experience personally and professionally at X

On a less work related note...things have been a little hectic!  I've been having the time of my life (cue for a song and dancing montage from the 80s!) with Spider (my now 'official' boyfriend).  I've known him for quite a while through my dad so kind of as a friend.  And there's no argument, he's packing an illegal amount of gorgeousness!

I know it may sound just a little insane...if you're anyone who isn't a Pre-Raphaelite Princess living a defiantly bohemian lifestyle!...but, it's true.  Elvis lives in my street.  And I'm dating him.  Not only that, but he thinks I'm lovely.  Even when I've just woken up.  Even when it's pushing 30 degrees outside and I'm wilting in humidity.  Even if I'm having a totally hormonal bitch fit.  Even when I'm struggling to find my key while I sing Lana Del Rey songs with my autoharp.  He also enjoys the whole fairyland experience...even if I'm playing Patience & Prudence on a perpetual loop (though I suppose that's kinda #TateandViolet #AHS romantic really!).

Yes.  He really is fabulous.  We're currently at war however...seeing who can graffiti the other one while they're asleep.

But he's upped the ante because now it's escalated to notes hidden in pockets and waking up to find your BF wrote I LOVE YOU all over your patio in chalk while you slept.  Yep.  We're sickly sweet.  We're worse than teenagers when it comes to being loved up!

We're also both very practical so that we get to make the most of the time we have...whatever work I have I schedule it.  He is self employed so we work our schedules in such a ways that any free time we have matches up.  Though I'm just as likely to bump into him round my dad's.  Dad's totally knackered at the moment from either the chemo or the radiotherapy but we're all close and practical and between family and friends, we're staying a step ahead.  It is with a 'lifer' - my sister and I even said, it's going to be weird when dad dies because it could be months or even years off depending how he recovers from the aggressive chemo/radiotherapy course he completed.  So whenever it does happen, we were kind of joking saying that, even if it's 18 months from now, we'll still be standing about saying "I know he had a terminal brain tumour and all, but you just don't expect it!".  I suppose that's the odd thing about death.  We all know we are going to and most people don't want to think about it.  Being a lifer or living with a lifer forces you to...and when people are able to talk openly about it and how it may play out and how they feel about it and stuff, it makes a natural process feel all the more natural.

Anyway, dad's mood continues to be buoyant and he doesn't actually feel ill at all - just really weak as if he was coming down with something or had just come out of an anaesthetic.  The Violet Flame Energy and Usui Reiki energy seem to suit him best and over the course of a day he can get up and get about a bit.  Just carefully!  But we need to wait a while to see how things settle over the next few weeks.  Apart from the weakness, his symptoms of the tumour itself have either reduced or stayed the same rather than got worse and they were getting worse quite quickly before the intensive chemo.  So the chemo/radiotherapy has definitely done some good - either it's slowed the tumour but it's possible that once the swelling around the area dies down, it may have shrunk it and as his energy returns over the next few weeks we'll have a better idea of how successful it was.  And whether he wants to continue with that kind of treatment etc.  There's no getting away from it with things like cancer...there has to be a lot of discussion about things that other people might find distasteful or morbid.  But it's a good thing in ways that people who haven't experienced it probably won't understand.  People really pull together.  And people are really amazing when it comes down to it! XX

I know it sounds really hippie, but people really love each other and I think people really come into their own whenever and wherever they have the opportunity to express that love. XX

Note: Sorry no photoshoots lately...many planned for later in the year but, some nice selfies and pix from my moby dotted about to make this blog look prettier! XXX

Much love to <3 M

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#meditation #inspiration #positivethinking #lawofattraction #energyhealing #enlightenment #newage #magick #negativeenergy #psychology#psychicselfdefence #enlightenment #exorcism #redhead #henna #hennahair #ginger #hellokitty  #lifer #chemo #chemotherapy #braintumour #cancer #autism #aspergers #aspergirl #kawaii #pink #catsofinstagram #lipstickoftheday #fuschia #PreRaphaelite #bohemian #hippie #pale #paleskin #pastelgoth #americanhorrorstory #ahs #tateandviolet #patienceandprudence #graffiti #boyfriend #elvis #romantic #lovedup #gorgegous #cute #happy

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Surviving Narcissism & Recognising Signs

Excellent vlog - Highly recommend! Xx

My ex exhibited some odd behaviours. I have studied to some extent and had concluded (to myself but also had discussed it with him) that he may have borderline personality disorder or some kind of narcissistic personality disorder.

It showed more if he went through periods of self medicating or using substances ('socially'), his reaction to almost any stimulation was anger. He often described it himself as resentment. But more often tried to justify it as stubbornness. In actual fact, once he moved in with me, these episodes seemed childish. He sought constant external validation voraciously. And the anxiety would build when he didn't receive it. (Unfortunately as an #Aspergirl this kind of ego pandering didn't ever feature! )

This would manifest as sulking rather than outward aggression. I am #aspergers (high functioning #autism) and very interested in human #psychology because mine is atypical. I do have #empathy. But I experience it in an intellectualised way. Bullying me would be hard because external validation or judgement tends to be off my radar!

At times I wondered if his issue was an #autistic spectrum disorder. I encouraged him to seek advice of a professional because we can learn to navigate our minds when we understand them and seeking a doctor's advice doesn't mean saying 'something is up with my brain. i) I need the brain fixing pills!'

I don't know if he got help. He had explosions of rage (not targeted at others and seemingly irrational...but years apart. It was easy to assume #drugabuse triggered them...till I lived with him!).

There was no physical #violence; more like a grown man having a #tantrum - like an #anxietyattack that didn't have a cause he could identify but really created a problem. Blaming this and that and him and her and everything else. #Paranoid thinking. And occasionally what I would define as immature and covert attempts to bully or control. I was too oblivious to it to have realised how serious it was until later.

He admitted to lying and deception (of myself and his family) but I have no idea of the extent of it or how long it had gone on. I am not convinced pathological lying was his problem but that lying became necessary to him due to his psychology at times.

Looking back now I realise he was a very controlling person. Very #lowselfesteem. Very #arrogant. Very '#stubborn'. Probably above average intelligence...but a definite lack of self awareness and accountability in his mind which betrayed his lack of emotional intelligence.

After he left he claimed he was getting professional help for managing his anger. But his family told a different story so whether he really did seek help, I couldn't even guess.

I study widely and various techniques for my own understanding of my #aspergers (a type of #autism). I have been able, over time, not only to accept my autism but to celebrate it! And to find that in my work (teaching online energy healing courses predominantly), it is useful to be able to adopt a more rational view at times. It's helpful for me and my students/clients because people can talk openly with me without fearing judgement or worrying they are burdening me in any personal sense.

In fact, in some situations in my personal life my #autism has proved an asset!

On reflexion I would say that to my ex, it was as if I didn't demonstrate enough adulation to make him feel ok about himself and gradually he began to resent my 'emotional independence'.

Ultimately such a mismatch could have resulted in a seriously abusive relationship (if neither of us had been self aware and had accepted the imbalance as 'the norm'). Perhaps less so for me in some ways, but more devastating for me in ways he wouldn't have been able to relate to.

Even so, I hope he will learn about himself and find a way to let go of his bitterness.

I can't claim to forgive like a #neutotypical does - my process of #forgiveness is intellectualised to an extent. But it still brought me #peace and opened my life to new possibilities and hope. It meant I could move on and learn from the experience. I am grateful for that. I hope he can too and that he finds the right kind of help to get a handle on himself.

For my own part I find energy healing (#Reiki in particular), regular exercise, playing music, singing, and daily #meditation help me to maintain a balance. Spending a lot of time with my boyfriend - they call him #Elvis (I call him Spider) and he lives two doors down...he's fabulous and I am sure I will blog copiously a about him this year! He really is a genuinely kind man...also practical, an entrepreneur, up for a giggle and with a #bohemian lifestyle that rivals my own! Plus he loves me to bits and I love him to pieces so it's all good...Elvis and a #PreRaphaelite #fairy #princess! Who would have thought it!

Also he will be helping with some of my projects later in the year so expect to find him tagged all over my networks!

Much love xxx Maya

PS. This is a great vlog. I am sure we all know people who fall into this category and forewarned is forearmed