Sunday, 30 October 2016

“You won’t stop me!” ♡ 

#Gratitude anthem ♡ #ChristinaAguilera #songoftheday

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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Are My Puppies the Cutest or What?? 

Am I the only one who thinks my puppies are cute? (And if you thought that was rude…you have a dirty mind!) ♡

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Lush Bath Bomb ♡

Time for a well earned #bathbomb🙂

Today’s #bathtime features #Lush #lushcosmetics #sexbomb – smells good enough to eat! Also #TaylorSwift & #lilyflame #bluebell candle with blue #moodlighting ♡;; FB FB


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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Beware of Over Indulging on Conspiracies, Dark Web Vids & Creepy Pasta...




Watch “ASMR Heart to Heart | Pleiadian Healing, Attunements & DNA Activations” on YouTube

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Watch “ASMR Heart to Heart | Seichim & Usui Reiki Energy Healing” on YouTube

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Selfie Sunday ♡

Relaxing before tonight’s #Spells & #Meditation – listening to #audible #audiobook on my #Kindle | Pink #moodlighting, #nagchampa incense & pistachio nuts. Heaven ♡;;; 

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ASMR Heart to Heart | Seichim & Usui Reiki Energy Healing


ASMR Heart to Heart | Seichim & Usui Reiki Energy Healing

Monday, 24 October 2016

Weight Loss & Health Life Hack ♡

One of the most depressing things if you keep fit and healthy and take regular exercise can be having to rest an injury.

Dancing ballet I have had many minor strains or danced safely through a toe fracture, headaches and period pains.

But I am a confessed Bunhead (ballet addict) and dance is a huge part of my life. I even incorporate this in to the spellwork I do for people through Maya Magickal (link below) and I consider my daily barre as essential as my daily meditation and energy healing work (see Mayastar link below) to maintain my health on all levels.

And one of the most depressing experiences I had was tearing a muscle. I couldn’t dance. I could only just walk! But I couldn’t point my foot. I couldn’t jump. I couldn’t stand on demi pointe (tip toes) and I had an exam due later that year. I was determined not to lose fitness during my injury so I worked out variations I could do. And worked on those things throughout (doing literally nothing can leave muscles weak and more prone to injury later – I was determined to avoid that).

But a further consideration was with the hours of dance I did each week (about 2 hours a day), I couldn’t do anything aerobic and my maintenance plan might maintain my muscles but it wouldn’t be burning the same number of calories and I would need to be aware of that because in six weeks I could so easily gain 10 or 15 pounds which could equally wreck my exam performance.

This was some years ago. But I just found out the most amazing life hack! Something that would have made my recovery so much easier and less of a worry!

Hot baths burn calories! Lying in a 40° bath for an hour burns the same calories as a half hour walk. 

I often finish a 3 hour dance class with a long bath and it never occurred to me it was like doing a 4 hour work out!

There will be a number of benefits a hot bath can’t give you that exercise does – development of cardio fitness and muscle, stronger bones, that endorphin rush….but in a pinch, it’s a good option. And a wonderful option for people who can’t exercise or have health complications.

Hot baths also have a beneficial effect on our blood sugar levels in a similar way to physical activity!

A win win situation. And an excuse for a trip to Lush and looooong Bubble Bath!

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Watch “ASMR Heart to Heart | Angel Healing with Mayastar” on YouTube

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Watch “ASMR Heart to Heart | Pleiadian Healing, Attunements & DNA Activations” on YouTube

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Mayastar Academy Online Energy Healing Courses: Pleiadian DNA Clearing & Activation Attunement Programme 

YouTube Channel Mayastar Academy Online Heart to Heart | Pleiadian Energies 
The Pleiadian DNA Clearing & Activation Attunement Programme is a series of 7 attunements facilitated by the Pleiadian Light Beings of the Star Alcyone.  These activations work on an etheric level to awaken and develop the full 12 strand DNA system that is the inheritance of all humans.  This awakens additional spiritual healing capacities and talents within us which can assist us and enhance our lives in many ways.

This system clears any blockages and activates the dormant elements of your DNA coding in order to fulfil the potential of your spiritual energetic blueprint.


This is a powerful system and one that affects the energy vibration on all levels; increasing the basal vibrational rate of the individual.

This is one of the most popular courses for spiritual development and healing I teach. Particularly among students who feel drawn to the Star People or as I ncarnated starseeds or indigo children.

The seven energy attunements form the course are usually received on consecutive days.


The course manual includes all of the information required to work with this system; to receive your attunement, teach others and so on.  In addition, you will find information on energy exchange, Quantum Physics, the power of the mind, metaphysics, prayer, vibrational medicine & philosophy, the energy body, complementary therapies, energy healing and how it all works!


Course includes:

  • distant attunements

  • Course manual by the originator Rev. Anna May, 29 pages – in pdf format by email

  • eBook: “The Book of Inspiration: Vibrational Medicine, Spirituality & Lightwork� Companion Guides Compendium by Rev. Anna May.EXCLUSIVE to Mayastar Academy students and designed to support your learning process by including everything you could possibly need to know from a beginner; but with enough to inspire those with experience too!

  • A copy of the Mayastar Information Pack (includes information on working with animals, treating others, reading suggestions, info about starting a business, attunements, FAQs and much more!)

  • A copy of the complete Mayastar Syllabus including condensed information and prices for each course

  • The e-book “The Astonishing Power of Gratitude” by Wes Hopper

  • Your lineage details

  • All manuals and information delivered in PDF format by email

  • No time limits; you are encouraged to learn at your own pace and to enjoy the process!

Details about this and all Mayastar Academy courses can be found at

Information on how courses work can be found at

Information on the current special offers from Mayastar can be found at

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ASMR Heart to Heart | Pleiadian Healing, Attunements & DNA Activations


ASMR Heart to Heart | Pleiadian Healing, Attunements & DNA Activations

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Watch “ASMR Heart to Heart | Response Rant – Russell Brand Trews on Gender Constructs” on YouTube

Taken from my response to the nonsense about gender Russell’s video provoked. It was pretty shocking to see some people reacting so negatively…maybe my perspective as a High Functioning Autistic means I can’t relate to what angered them.

Russell makes controversial videos a lot but I didn’t and don’t understand why people found this one so offensive.

Check it out and see what you think. One of my responses and also my response video link can be found below…

…Most of my life because I am hard wired to acknowledge no authority it looks from the outside that I was a rebellious child from the off. My mum said I actually wasn’t naughty but I was in trouble for doing my own thing, asking questions or seeming to ignore instructions deliberately. It wasn’t deliberate but mum said because I didn’t try to ingratiate myself to people like other kids do, I seemed very independent. I think even now that affects people in different ways who come into my life. Some feel able to bounce their confessions off me…which I assume is because I don’t judge and the questions I ask are not the ones other people ask so it helps them think. But other people seem to take me very personally. They are usually the people junkies who absolutely need social feedback and they get weirdly defensive around me as if I am challenging them when I don’t have any interest. Those people are so different from me I made a few of my videos and wrote some blogs about it on my wordpress because it concerns me how fragile they are if I compare them to myself. In those ways I am unshakeable. They say to have an enemy without you have to have an enemy within. And that’s what I see. A dangerously superficial sense of self. One that balks if I ask them questions about atheism (they so often claim to be one but rarely actually have given it any serious thought or study – they just repeat a few things parrot fashion as if it proves God doesn’t exist. I ask them to describe the God they don’t believe in…is he a petty old Testament God? An institutionalised religious God? A more abstract God that defies description…in which case what made them think blind unbelief was preferable to blind belief). It’s a serious question about a serious statement. Except they make the statement without thought. They also tend to make conservative statements about gender and sexuality and get defensive about. Where I’m thinking…well I won’t tell you about the elevation of the 3rd gender historically then because you seem to have an issue with 2! And why? Why do you care who is doing what with who? Why do you say it’s different two women being together than two men? Why is it any concern of yours how another person identifies themselves and expresses themselves? Unless your sense of self is absolutely built on sand?

I can only view this objectively but I see real people cut off at the knees and unable to think for themselves. Raised to fear the differences in people around them.

And suddenly I see why they absurdly as a race kill their own people in wars. That sort of fragility starts small. And gender roles is possibly the earliest part of external definition people face. If you don’t trust people to be valuable members of society without being defined so rigidly from birth according to their appearance…you will grow up believing people including yourself are inherently weak and need to be told what to do and think and be. And quickly that becomes a mechanism for discrimination and judgement…a whole lot of of misunderstanding. Intolerance. War. All the while facing personal problems of fear about your own integrity and viability as an autonomous person. 

Real personal suffering that can end up played out in genocide (a worst case scenario but one that wouldn’t have occurred to me because I never had that internal conflict).

It’s sad to see people I expected to be wise to racism and homophobia and that kind of projection making sweeping judgements about gender identification and reacting as if Russell just told them deep  down they are all bisexual. Really affronted. Taking this so personally rather than considering it objectively. Saying he’s gone to far. It’s shocking. Weird and shocking to me to see people are so fragile in their own identity that these ideas cause them to unsubscribe??? 

Frick. And Russell puts the concept out there in a much more palatable way than I probably would! :s

My response video…

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ASMR Heart to Heart | Facebook, Cats & Chihuahuas


ASMR Heart to Heart | Facebook, Cats & Chihuahuas

ASMR Heart to Heart | Response Rant - Russell Brand Trews on Gender Constructs


ASMR Heart to Heart | Response Rant - Russell Brand Trews on Gender Cons...

Mayastar Academy Online & Maya Magickal Update

Morning friends ♡ Waking up in my #Fairyland bedroom. Pink lights with blue fairy lights and tons of #buildabear #teddies & #lalaloopsy dolls…it’s the bestest. Weird dreams…never eat late even if you’re hungry…it always ruins my sleep. I only had a tin of tangerines and it woke me up too much and took ages to fall asleep. Now I feel v sleepy so gonna caffeinate myself into #lushcosmetics #bathtime and into the office!
Today’s schedule isn’t too bad. Work catch up bits and bobs on the laptop (on the work laptop – which I keep using in the bedroom not office because it’s warmer and I can use the other laptop to watch #creepypasta and catch up with my youtube channels while I work). And then from 7pm spells. 3 currently scheduled so I will do two before midnight, eat and chill, one after midnight then my #japa #mantra #meditation…then wind down before nap naps.

Unusual week as didn’t have any spells last night (Friday) but do have a couple for Sun and Mon. It’s gonna feel like a really short week.

New special offers for Mayastar subscribers will go up today. And the Killing Moon Karmic Reversal Ritual for Halloween (50%) discount option, will be finishing. BUT after considering the matter for a while I am going to be reducing the fee for the Killing Moon Karmic Reversal 30 Day Ritual Intensive at And the Light Body Activation Initiations for #Lightworkers, #Magick, #EnergyHealing, #Starseeds, #IndigoChildren, #Empaths & #Psychics (on the same site). Back to their regular prices. 

During the past 2 years the demand has been so high for these that their low price compared to the amount of work involved couldn’t be maintained – demand for the KM meant more months than not I was working double cycles. But I think a better solition is to limit the number of places available on each cycle so that can’t happen. I will still offer a triple working KM cycle option for people but keep it so I can still fit everything in by ensuring when spaces are filled I update the next cycle date.

So anyone who’s missed out on the Halloween/Samhain cycle please contact me to discuss option or alternatives by email through my site x

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Watch “Magickal Shaman Lightworker Course Mayastar Online ASMR Heart to Heart” on YouTube

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Mayastar Academy

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Watch “ASMR Heart to Heart Mayastar Killing Moon Ritual for Healing – Reversal Spells” on YouTube

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ASMR Heart to Heart Mayastar Killing Moon Ritual for Healing - Reversal Spells


ASMR Heart to Heart Mayastar Killing Moon Ritual for Healing - Reversal ...

Can Magick or Spells Stop Someone Lying or Being Unfaithful? The Healing Potential of Reversal Spells

Another blog inspired by a customer enquiry regarding a situation where they are in an emotionally abusive relationship & are considering the magickal options available…
Taken as a direct quote from my response with names and some details removed for client confidentiality

“​It isn’t likely a spell would stop his actions – even if they are immoral it’s even worse karmically to use magick on another person without their permission. It would mean you were intending the same type of subterfuge or deception and karmically would be bad on you and wouldn’t necessarily work.

The best option magickally would be a reversal spell or the banishing/blessing Intensive which is made up of a series of 6 spells and could be tailored to your situation. Focused on turning YOUR situation around rather than his. It may mean he realises what he is doing and comes back. It may mean you both come to an understanding and can somehow move forward either living with it for a time or living separately but re establishing your friendship. 

The thing with magick is it isn’t safe to use to try to make anyone else to anything else. Love spells and healing spells without consent are the same magickally as curses. Just as his actions if looked at from that philosophy are no different to someone using black magick!

But the sooner deception stops – regardless of the outcome – the sooner things will be sorted out. Not necessarily to your design or his but to the way they are best at the present time. At the moment you are clearly distressed and a lot of this is your sense of powerlessness and the fact you kind of know the situation you are in but can’t see a way out that won’t negatively affect you. 

Magick can do much to break the impasse but you will need to prepare as much as you can for your future not panning out as you intended. It already isn’t. And I can promise it will get better – but I am sure there will be times it won’t feel that way. 

Maintaining your perspective will be hard but it will be easier because you’re focusing on creating change rather than focusing on past experiences in an attempt to understand the present. This in itself can be emotionally and mentally exhausting.

Acknowledging that now has become so bad that there must be change is not easy but is important. A stagnant “now” is taking you nowhere and leaving you ill; and persisting in that situation does more harm than good. Change can be scary but sometimes it’s a lot scarier to imagine a situation in which nothing changes.
I am sure you half think – I wish he would just come out and say it so we could talk and formally separate so I could deal with my pain and think of my future. Or that he would just leave for the same reason. That’s normal in situations like this and that’s why people often go to counselling during or after a break up. Being able to talk about it is so important to being able to heal because it is very much like grief. Not just for the person but for the life you expected. Your security. The things you believed were real that weren’t.

That might be another way to prepare in fact. Ask your GP is you can be referred to a counsellor – begin talking about your situation in the real world.

The Banishing and Blessing Intensive Spells are detailed at;

Another option (which is a comprehensive reversal spell and can be worked to have healing effect) is the Killing Moon Karmic Reversal 30 Day Ritual Intensive which is currently available on the special offer page 

I believe taking some kind of conscious of practical action to support the spells is important. Whether you start keeping a journal or learn an energy healing method to become active in rebalancing your own energy (like Reiki), that’s a very good idea in manifesting the most positive changes and moving forward from hindering factors of the past. 

I know it’s not easy and motivating yourself even to seek my help is probably hard…taking steps to help you personally may seem very hard. But it’s important that your conscious mind begins to remember that you are a person of value regardless of what others do or say or how they behave. Or your situation. These negative thoughts about yourself are part of the problem as it currently stands and reminding yourself you are not defined by other people and your course is not determined by them can mean you emerge from the situation a stronger person than before – with more confidence and higher self esteem.

Magick always works to restore harmony no matter how long its been missing. Harmony and wholeness are your natural state.

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Early hours singing from American Horror Story AHS impromptu Vlog


How Mayastar Online Natural Healing & Spiritual Development Courses Work & What sets Mayastar Academy Apart!

This blog is inspired by an enquiry I received. It includes a lot of useful information that applies to many of my enquiries so I decided to turn it into an information article that covers many of the frequently asked questions I receive.

I hope you will find it useful! It takes the form of an email response…

“My dear Friend,

Thank you for your request for information.

Please find attached information manuals that explain about Mayastar Academy, Maya Magickal, energy healing, attunements, lightworkers as well as the current syllabus and other options available. 

Most energy based systems combine very well with Reiki. Some are based on developing connections with light beings to guide your work and your life and others are more structured or vibrationally specific energies you can use alonside Reiki in healing sessions or on their own. Reiki forms a good basis for practicing within because it is structured but as you develop it’s natural to work in a more intuitive way and including new energies is a great way to do this.

The courses you are drawn to are usually the best place to start. If you feel feel guided to them there’s no better start than that. So for someone wanting to develop their energy healing and spiritual development experience I would recommend a variety – including empowerments to connect to higher beings, systems for healing that work well together and systems that are comprehensive and allow you to develop new ways to work.

A popular option is the Avalonian Trilogy which includes the Avalonian Alignment Programme, Star of Avalon Ascension & Avalonian Spectral Activations – incorporating working with meditation, healing, manifesting through the use of symbols, sounds and energy flows. These can be used together or separately but the system is very comprehensive and works with guardian spirits of sacred land/energy. The Avalonian beings are connected with Pleiadians and what we would call Faery or Earth energy Light Beings so it also allows you to build personal connections with the “tribe” so to speak which can help in many ways – providing personal and professional guidance and facilitating development. You can find more information about the Avalonian Trilogy at

This would be my personal recommendation too because it encompasses so much.

Based on your Angelic and Faery connections and experience with Usui Reiki as well as courses that combine well with Usui Reiki…I would recommend (in no particular order):

  • Lightworker Archangelic Links 
  • Fairy Lightworker Program 
  • Magickal Lightworker Program 
  • Archangelic Flames
  • Orb of Life
  • Kundalini Reiki 
  • Ethereal Crystal Healing
  • Violet Flame Attunement 
  • Rainbow Sequence Healing
  • Crystal Rose Attunement
  • Nature Deva & Fairies
  • Magickal Shaman Lightworker 

These are detailed on the complete course list page at so you can read more about them and see what resonates with you.

You can receive a personalised package discount if you buy 3 or more options: 20% for 3 or more options; 25% for 6 or more options; 30% for 10 or more; 40% for 20 or more. To enrol on a personalised package please email your order to me and I will send a paypal request reflecting the relevant discount so that you can pay online securely by credit or debit card. (Note – a personalised package can include magical options from and courses from

As an example, were you to select all of the courses recommended above, the fee would normally be £1020 but with the personalised package discount this would be reduced to £700 with the Personalised Package Discount.

When you enrol on courses with Mayastar you will first receive your course manuals, study guides (Book of Inspiration Volumes 1-5), and an instruction email to guide you in the order to read the materials and explain how attunements work, how you receive them and so on. There is also additional information provided on vibrational healing, quantum theory, metaphysics, lightworkers, meditation, multi-dimensional philosophy and much more to give you an overview of where energy healing fits in to the grand scheme of things. This means courses are accessible to people with no previous experience and also provides inspiration to those who do!

Your attunements are set up by me personally and within 7 days of purchase you are sent your certification and confirmation with instructions.

All Mayastar Academy courses are web based and can be taken by people anywhere in the world. Manuals and Study Guides are in PDF format so you can study from your phone, tablet, computer or print them off.

All courses are accredited by the International Natural Healers Association and World Metaphysical Association; who also accredit Mayastar as an established (in 2004) academy and myself as a teacher/spiritual facilitator.

All courses are to Master level and enable the student to pass attunement on. And all courses can be upgraded  (with a £20 administration fee) to a diploma. The Diploma certification requires you submit written work to demonstrate experience and understanding of that system.

Support for students is via email and is included as part of my service during and beyond your course. 

There is no fixed time for you to call in an attunement once it’s ready. You can take it at your own pace and prepare for your attunements in the way that suits you. Many prefer this flexibility and privacy to the mass attunement options of seminars and other less personal options. Energy work and spiritual development is an intensely personal experience and over time I have ensured this is maintained while still being able to provide professional but tailored support for individual students.

The following website articles & links may also be of assistance:

Info about exchange rates |

How courses work |

Distance Attunements |

If you have any questions at any time please do not hesitate to contact me. 

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to work with you soon.

With blessings,


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