Saturday, 22 October 2016

Watch “ASMR Heart to Heart | Response Rant – Russell Brand Trews on Gender Constructs” on YouTube

Taken from my response to the nonsense about gender Russell’s video provoked. It was pretty shocking to see some people reacting so negatively…maybe my perspective as a High Functioning Autistic means I can’t relate to what angered them.

Russell makes controversial videos a lot but I didn’t and don’t understand why people found this one so offensive.

Check it out and see what you think. One of my responses and also my response video link can be found below…

…Most of my life because I am hard wired to acknowledge no authority it looks from the outside that I was a rebellious child from the off. My mum said I actually wasn’t naughty but I was in trouble for doing my own thing, asking questions or seeming to ignore instructions deliberately. It wasn’t deliberate but mum said because I didn’t try to ingratiate myself to people like other kids do, I seemed very independent. I think even now that affects people in different ways who come into my life. Some feel able to bounce their confessions off me…which I assume is because I don’t judge and the questions I ask are not the ones other people ask so it helps them think. But other people seem to take me very personally. They are usually the people junkies who absolutely need social feedback and they get weirdly defensive around me as if I am challenging them when I don’t have any interest. Those people are so different from me I made a few of my videos and wrote some blogs about it on my wordpress because it concerns me how fragile they are if I compare them to myself. In those ways I am unshakeable. They say to have an enemy without you have to have an enemy within. And that’s what I see. A dangerously superficial sense of self. One that balks if I ask them questions about atheism (they so often claim to be one but rarely actually have given it any serious thought or study – they just repeat a few things parrot fashion as if it proves God doesn’t exist. I ask them to describe the God they don’t believe in…is he a petty old Testament God? An institutionalised religious God? A more abstract God that defies description…in which case what made them think blind unbelief was preferable to blind belief). It’s a serious question about a serious statement. Except they make the statement without thought. They also tend to make conservative statements about gender and sexuality and get defensive about. Where I’m thinking…well I won’t tell you about the elevation of the 3rd gender historically then because you seem to have an issue with 2! And why? Why do you care who is doing what with who? Why do you say it’s different two women being together than two men? Why is it any concern of yours how another person identifies themselves and expresses themselves? Unless your sense of self is absolutely built on sand?

I can only view this objectively but I see real people cut off at the knees and unable to think for themselves. Raised to fear the differences in people around them.

And suddenly I see why they absurdly as a race kill their own people in wars. That sort of fragility starts small. And gender roles is possibly the earliest part of external definition people face. If you don’t trust people to be valuable members of society without being defined so rigidly from birth according to their appearance…you will grow up believing people including yourself are inherently weak and need to be told what to do and think and be. And quickly that becomes a mechanism for discrimination and judgement…a whole lot of of misunderstanding. Intolerance. War. All the while facing personal problems of fear about your own integrity and viability as an autonomous person. 

Real personal suffering that can end up played out in genocide (a worst case scenario but one that wouldn’t have occurred to me because I never had that internal conflict).

It’s sad to see people I expected to be wise to racism and homophobia and that kind of projection making sweeping judgements about gender identification and reacting as if Russell just told them deep  down they are all bisexual. Really affronted. Taking this so personally rather than considering it objectively. Saying he’s gone to far. It’s shocking. Weird and shocking to me to see people are so fragile in their own identity that these ideas cause them to unsubscribe??? 

Frick. And Russell puts the concept out there in a much more palatable way than I probably would! :s

My response video…

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